Great Depression Timeline

great depression timeline
Depression, which is characterized as a mental illness, it is often overlooked by elders as they think most of the physical and emotional problems problems. It is often observed that depression is the result of anxiety caused by a physical illness.great depression timeline Depression makes people see things in a negative light. Despair and pessimism are often the cause of depression. Depressed person tends to himself / herself to blame for what they are not responsible.

Depression can occur at any time.great depression timeline It is usually triggered by events such as the death of a being, an accident or a close family problems as the financial crisis and concerns about the future of children, or anxiety about the possibility physical ailments. Flashbacks of painful past events can also lead to depression.great depression timeline There are many other physical ailments can also trigger depression. It was found that most types of physical health problems can trigger depression in the elderly. Certain types of medications can cause depression.

Like other illnesses, depression can be treated. Older people generally tend to ignore thinking that depression is a part of aging and other related physical illnesses. The intensity of depression is different for each patient.great depression timeline Families often overlook symptoms of depression experienced by elderly people at home. Often the symptoms of depression are confused with the disease, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, cancer, great depression timeline Parkinson's disease, stroke or thyroid disorders.

The elderly who suffer from depression also be a confusing default behavior. The treatment also delayed due to the notion of being expensive nursing. However,great depression timeline
 there are several studies showing the effectiveness of various methods that help in the fight against depression. Today, there are a number of ways to support nursing care for people diagnosed with depression.

The most preferred methods of treatment for depression include psychotherapy (counseling), electro convulsive therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and medication -great depression timeline antidepressants.

Here are some quick and easy tips to fight against depression

• It is difficult to share with family members about the problems they encounter. However, the opening and talk about issues facing can reduce the propensity to depression.
• Stay active.great depression timeline Rigorous physical exercise may not be possible in old age, but participation in everyday conversations, social activities, walking can help.
• Do what you want to do is to meet your interests.
• Eat well, because it can prevent weight loss. Avoid chocolates and biscuits.
• Do not think too much, depression is not a sign of weakness.
• Share your feelings with others
• Avoid alcohol
great depression timeline

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