How To Overcome Depression: What Is Betaine?

Betaine, also known as trimethyl glycine (TMG), acts as a neuronal transporter and enhances the ability of our brain to maintain sufficient levels of the "feel good" hormones serotonin and dopamine. As I explained in another article on how to overcome depression is antidepressant sales copy.

The problem with prescription drug side effects are terrible. Instead of going this route for us to improve our mood naturally. In a series of articles on how to overcome depression naturally, I have included a number of useful tips.

These include:

Increased levels of magnesium, even using a topical supplement if necessary, as is generally lacking.
Take a natural herb St. John's wort for historical results and clinically proven natural or tryptophan supplements.
Getting enough sulfur containing amino acid found primarily in meat and eggs, but other good sources are liver, cod liver oil, seafood, fish eggs and butter cream.
Avoid aluminum cookware and artificial sweeteners such as aspartame can be found in many soft drinks and mercury amalgam dental and msg.
Using a supplement like zeolite or, failing that, diatomaceous earth to chelate mercury out of our body. Global levels of mercury pollution are scary and impossible to avoid.
You do not need to train for a marathon, but you might be surprised how regular exercise helps improve your mood!
In this article I want to introduce another natural resource and simple list of tips to fight against depression. Beets are not only a very good source of betaine were also a number of other medicinal properties.

Sulfur as amino acids and tryptophan, betaine acts as an agent for the transmission of neuronal serotonin and dopamine. It has the pleasant effects of a minor "mindset" that can make positive changes to a state of depression.

Although the beet has an impressive record of medicinal use in many cultures seem to have lost sight of this artificial growth in our attempts to manage health. Beets and beet juice have been shown to be useful in the treatment of cancer.

Even with a maximum of 5% of the sugar content, it is well balanced with a proportionally important minerals that beets are allowed for diabetics. Minerals: iron, copper, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, it is important to fight against depression and important trace elements.

Beets are also a good source of carotene, B complex and vitamin C. They protect the liver and stimulate bile flow necessary for the assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins, which are essential for overcoming depression. Beets are considered blood to restore and strengthen the body.

Most beneficial to eat beets is made by fermenting them. Then they also have very favorable effects on the role of the regeneration of damaged cells. This is where you help cure cancer. I explain some of the benefits of fermentation in another article.

I beet kvass fashion tonic after the traditional Ukrainian beet, I drink about 4 ounces morning and evening every day. Surprising to me, as well as to help my digestion, cleanse my liver and my blood alkalizing. It is an excellent blood tonic, which also promotes regularity.

I also ferment beets, which makes it a very tasty dish and increase the amount of bioavailable vitamins and nutrients make while producing powerful enzymes. Fermentation of beet kvass is very simple to do.

For me kvas not even peel the beets. I just brush them with a stiff brush and a couple of medium-sized companies Pique vegetables and put them in a jar. I shot 1 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt and a couple tablespoons of buttermilk and fill with filtered water one inch high.

I cover tightly and leave at room temperature for several days. Then refrigerate and is available every day. I have a couple of pots achieve this goal. When I finished I just add 1 teaspoon salt and refill with water.

After the second round, discard the beets in my compost pile and start a new cycle. Fermented beets are not very different just cook them for the first time in a basket in the pot until softened. I drilled a small hole in the first few don'ts explosive disorder.

After etching of the bottle filled with beets cut into strips about 1/4 of the thickness, as the potatoes into strips, leaving the same space in the upper part after pushing gently. I dissolve a tablespoon of sea salt in less than a cup full cup of water and 1/4 serum to cover, leaving an inch above the pot.

After leaving to ferment for 3 days at room temperature and keep them cool almost never. They make a great addition to a multitude of food and do wonders to help digest and assimilate all kinds of nutrients, not to mention the fight against depression.

The Truth About Teen Depression

With all suicides in recent years, adolescent depression has received a lot of press. It is a good thing because it can alert everyone to the seriousness of this problem can be for them. All cases of late adolescent depression suicide, but the increase rate is alarming.

Many parents now work outside the home. This means that the amount of time you get to spend with their children is often limited.

Among the applications that families and the reluctance of many teenagers to share with their parents, it becomes more important for everyone to participate. This means that no matter how you are involved with adolescents, recognizing the signs of depression and respond quickly can mean the difference between life and death for them.

Depression can be anything from a simple episode in which they are upset because of a short break, a missed opportunity, or a failure in some areas of your life. It can also be a constant cloud and heavy that they can not get out from under. This is very clear and you can destroy lives.

There are many things that parents, counselors, teachers and even friends can do to keep them out of this deep, dark depression. Adolescent depression is serious and should be handled with care.

Knowing and seeing the warning signs can help determine if a simple case of depression is not so simple and requires intervention.

Pulling away from their friends and the activities involved.
Loss of appetite or weight loss.
Restless sleep. Waking up still tired is a sure sign of that.
Based on social situations is a key sign of adolescent depression. Every young person who is not interested in socializing must be a sign that something is wrong.
Constantly in landfills. Is sometimes lower than normal, but if there is a pattern of blues that lasts, it may be time to seek help.
Isolation. An adult or a teenager who is locked in his room.
Regular smoking cessation activities may be an indication that they do not feel worthy to be with others.
Although teenage depression does not always lead to suicide, which can lead to other serious problems. Adolescents who are depressed are more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol to relieve their pain. These same teens are also less likely to succeed in school.

Adolescents often withdraw from the company of their parents, for other people, it is sometimes difficult to make him talk. It may even seem sad and morose normally. They can withdraw until they become sick or injured in some way.

One thing to remember about adolescent depression is that they are able to hide very well. It is normal for teenagers to have episodes of depression, but these should be of short duration. This is when depression is more serious than hide from those around them.

You may not even realize they are in trouble until it is too late. In partnership with his teenage friends and the adults in their lives, and then act on any suspicion is the best way to help keep your child safe from severe depression.

How to Help a Friend With Depression

One of the many situations we face in our lives that are no guidelines on how to help a friend with depression. This is a serious situation and should be treated as such.

A big problem is not always recognize depression in others. When they go, is supposed to be entered or occupied that our friendship is not as important for them as for us. We deal and time passes before we realize that the relationship has changed or that we have not talked.

When a friend is depressed, often withdraw from the world. Waive any contact, even those who are important in your livesl

Depression, it is difficult to get out of bed and face the day. Reach someone is almost impossible. No words come to mind that are worth sharing.

How could they understand? What difference would it make? What do you mean?

but mostly ... Talking takes too much effort.

It may seem calm or moody, even disinterested. We take it personally, thinking it must be something that we did.

When pressed, it takes over your mind. There is nothing that does not cause painful thoughts. So try not to think. Going through the motions every day, often without warning is easier for those who have an established routine.

Those around you do not even notice much difference in terms of their usual personality type.

How can we know that a friend is struggling with depression and what can we do to help?

The symptoms of depression are there, but not always recognized. We assume that it is something more, would not talk, are simply distracted, or one of many other standard assumptions. Including ... we are bothering them.

When someone is depressed, they should be bothered! Yes, call or go bother. No way around it. Often they are so lost that social welfare requires more effort than you feel they have.

You may even need to be pushed out of bed, into the shower, and yes, even to eat. The idea of ​​getting up and face the day can be overwhelming, even if they have a well-defined routine of his life.

If you find yourself in a situation you have to decide how to help a friend with depression is just beginning.

Call them 10 times a day if necessary. Visit. Insist on the outside of the house. Find an activity that will help you keep your mind occupied.

Shopping, going to the gym, watch a movie, take a walk, sit on a park bench at lunch. Anything to get them out of the house and have fun.

Talk to them for help. Offer to go with them, take them if you can.

If you know the cause of depression, find a way to solve the problem, then get them to talk quietly while listening. Do not judge what they say, but try to be reassuring.

The most important thing to remember when faced with the decision of how to help a friend with depression is that their relationship is very one-sided. Will be the one who does all the work. Their discussions will probably be very one-sided, so you get a password answer or no answer. You must push to stay in their lives. That's when I need you the most. Leaving now would leave them lost forever, and not just you.