Double Depression

Double depression
You might be surprised to learn that between 3% and 6% of the population is at risk of serious and potentially fatal illness called double depression. Many of these people can reduce this risk. But even after a double depression develops, many people delay or avoid treatment that could save their lives.

What is double depression?

Double depression is a complication of a psychological condition called dysthymia or dysthymia. Dysthymia is a mood, a chronic depression that lasts for at least two years. This decrease of dark humor - sometimes referred to as a "veil of sadness" - comes almost every day and persists for years Some people may have this mood disorder double depression 10-20 years or more before seeking treatment. .

Over time, more than half of people with dysthymia experience worsening of symptoms that lead to the onset of major depression at the top of his depressed mood. This is called double depression.

What is double major depression differently depression without dysthymia?

The main difference between a double depression and major depression is the effect of the underlying dysthymia.

Major depression itself, although serious, usually takes a few weeks to a few months. There is a marked mood accompanied by severe symptoms that may include lower:
double depression
Insomnia or sleeping too much
Thoughts of suicide or death
Low self-esteem
Loss of appetite or overeating
Loss of interest in things that the person who loved
Low energy or agitation
The thoughts of worthlessness or guilt
But when it comes to the overall mood returns to normal as the other symptoms disappear. There is also often a conscious during the treatment of depression is not normal and that things can improve.
double depression
Many of the symptoms of major depression are present in people with dysthymia, but are much less severe and less debilitating. I do not intervene often considerably a person's daily functioning. As a result, people with dysthymia tend to see symptoms as normal for them. Some may consider that depressed mood, as part double depression of your personality or just part of life and out of your control.

When major depression occurs in up to a chronic depressive mood, some people with dysthymia accepted as inevitable. This causes delays for treatment and makes them more resistant to normal treatment when it starts. In addition, unless dysthymia is associated with major depression, they are not really cured when major depression is relieved. They return to be chronically low with the risk of a new episode of double depression.

Are there other characteristics of double depression making it difficult to treat?

A recent study showed that people with double depression have a greater sense of hopelessness that makes people with dysthymia or major depression alone.

The reaction constant stress also causes changes in the body that increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other medical conditions. Changes in the brain and body changes complicate the treatment of major depression in a double depression occurs.

Another problem caused by underlying depression in the long term is that people with dysthymia tend to be more likely to abuse of tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs or maintain an unhealthy diet. Related health problems further complicate treatment and unhealthy lifestyles in the way of a person suffering from double depression to treatment.

You can duplicate depression be prevented?

The best way to avoid double treat depression is dysthymia. Antidepressants can be helpful, but take longer to work and are less effective for acute major depression dysthymia.

Cognitive therapy can also be effective in the treatment of dysthymia. But it often takes a combination of antidepressants and cognitive therapy. Experts recommend starting an approach is cognitive therapy or antidepressant for a few months and see its effect and then either change or add another if the results are not sufficient.double depression

Exercise can help improve mood, and some studies have shown that the combination of exercise and antidepressants may have an additive effect. You can also help improve sleep patterns due to chronic sleep deprivation may worsen the symptoms of depression.

How should double depression be treated?

People with dysthymia often feel as if they have little or no control over their lives. The feeling is that something else - fate or others - are responsible for the course of their lives. This is not a typical sense for people with major depression without underlying dysthymia.

The fact that people with dysthymia feel they have little or no control suggests that cognitive therapy, in combination with antidepressants may be an effective treatment for depression doubled. The goal of cognitive therapy is to change negative thought patterns and to give people new ways to see and deal with themselves and their environment. By adopting this approach deals with both major depression and dysthymia, double depression.

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